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Installation Services

Our company is renowned name in the industry offering reliable fire protection products and their Installation Services. Backed by a team of highly qualified personnel, we render excellent Automatic Foam Sprinkler System Installation, Automatic Sprinkler System Installation, Fire Alarm Detection System Installation and Fire Alarm System Installation. We have skilled and semi workers to carry out installation and commissioning job quickly and without hassle. Interested clients can ask of us to install products bought from us and get great discounts. We offer installation assistance all year round.

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Automatic Sprinkler System Installation

For those seeking a company offering reliable Automatic Sprinkler System Installation Services, we are the perfect place. We have years of experience and a team of trained personnel to procure, install and commission Automatic Sprinkler Systems. We offer free consultancy anytime of the year. Clients can get in touch with us and sort out practical details.


Advantages of Sprinkler System :

  • Being fixed system and automatic in operation, most dependable system.
  • As the sprinklers in fire affected areas only operate, the water damage kept to the minimum.
  • Sprinklers can installed even in concealed spaces, which are difficult to approach (like cable galleries in power station) which is great convenience in case of fire.
  • Substantial reduction in insurance premium hence economical in long run.
  • Very good for exposure protection.
  • Since the response is quick acting the fire lost is minimum.

Application : Industrial , commercial retail, healthcare, hospitality, public sector, governmental & more.


Fire Alarm Detection System Installation

Our company is one of the leading Fire Alarm Detection System Installation Service Providers. We are a one-stop destination where buyers can purchase Fire Alarm Detection System and get them installed and commission as any desired place. We are supported by a team of trained workers with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of trouble shooting.


Details :

  • The conventional fire alarm system is an early warning system design for small facilities.
  • These fire alarm systems are inexpensive but sometimes it can be challenging locating the alarms.
  • To put it simple, if a conventional fire alarm detects a fire, it may tell you the zone/ area of the fire but not the exact location of the fire. There’s no design where a specific fire alarm can signal exactly where the fire is occurring. If you are ok with knowing on the zone of a fire alarm, then a conventional fire alarm will do the trick.
  • If you feel safer having a fire alarm system that tells you on the spot where a fire is present, you should go for an addressable fire alarm system.
  • The addressable fire alarm system is an early warning system designed to locate precisely where a fire is occurring. In fact, this fire alarm system will tell you the specific type of smoke alarm/ fire alarm sounding off, the room it’s within and the floor level. The addressable fire alarm system is perfect for large facilities because the faster you can locate a fire the more property and lives can be saved during an emergency.

Fire Alarm System Installation

We are engaged in rendering our quality Fire Alarm System Installation Services that is widely demanded in several sectors. This system our professionals install is electrical and electronically based having a control panel, cabling and a detection device like smoke detectors, manual call points etc. The fire alarm system raises an audible / visual alarm in case of fire with the indication of the area under attack. We are capable of customizing the service to suit the specific requirement of the client. Because of our prompt service and reasonable rates, we are regarded as a reliable Fire Alarm System Installation Services provider from Pune.


Fire Retardant Door Installation

We are one of the most sought after Service Providers offering Fire Retardant Door Installation Services. We are long engrossed in this business and thus we efficiently bring forth highly reliable and pocket-friendly Fire Retardant Door Installation Services. The offered services are stringently carried out with the help of our industry-experienced team members. We make use of modern technology and machines to carry out services in the stipulated time span.

Details: Installing fire-rated doors in homes and offices is essential to maximize safety in the event of a fire. Today, Fire Doors have been made a mandatory requirement & have established acceptance in high rise buildings, Commercial Buildings, Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, and various Industries including Refineries, Steel Plants, Aluminum Plants, Nuclear Power Stations, Fertilizer Units, Cotton Mills etc.


Fire Suppression System Installation

We are renowned Service Provider bringing forth prompt and highly reliable Fire Suppression System Installation Services. We are long engrossed in this business and the offered Fire Suppression System is highly effective in telecommunication rooms, control room, switch rooms, engine compartments, engine and machinery spaces. The offered Fire Suppression System Installation Services are carried out under the supervision of veteran experts.

Details: Complemented by its Detection System, these Suppression agents are automatically pressed into service at the outbreak of a fire in critical areas such as high-end electrical installments, computer and telecommunications' facilities, IT Server Rooms, Data Centers, EDP Rooms, Archives, Storage Vaults, Banks, switching and control systems, transforms, special risk areas such as hazardous substance storage, foam manufacturing plants, paint and powder coat booths, hydraulic systems, silos and dust filters, printing presses, turbines, critical machinery spaces, ship engine rooms and more


Types :

  • CO2 Flooding Systems
  • NOVEC Suppression Systems.
  • Other Clean Agents and Halon alternatives
  • Alternate Technology-Water Mist Systems.
  • Kitchen Protection Systems.

Application : Pump room, control room, electronics, medical equipments, production equipments, telecommunication rooms, switch rooms, engine compartments , engine and machinery spaces.


Water Spray System Installation

We are one of the most reliable and genuine service providers offering Water Spray System Installation Services. We are backed by dexterous team members having huge industry experience, expertise in this domain; they make sure that the Water Spray Systems are installed properly using latest technology and modern machines. We ensure that the Water Spray System Installation Services are as per the customers’ need and requirements.


Advantages of M.V. Water Spray System :

  • Entire area is flooded with foam, hence very useful for fire fighting in hazardous area, plant, storage tanks, etc. where manual approach is difficult.
  • Very quick in response.
  • The fire losses is kept low as the area under fire get foam blanket and also cooling due to water contain and so chances of spreading fire is negligible.

Advantages of HM.V. Water Spray System :

  • Entire Transformer is flooded with water, which extinguish fire at earliest as well as avoid further destruction.
  • Very quick in response.
  • The fire losses is kept low as the area near fire get cooling due to water and so chances of spreading fire is negligible

Application : In control of highly flammable liquids(MVWS), oil filled high voltage transformers, warehouses, storerooms, refineries chemical waste water treatment, plants & other industrial sector.


Public Announcement System Installation

We are one of the notable Service Providers offering Public Announcement System Installation Services. To make important announcement, give alert message, to communicate any message to occupants on every floor from the control room, these Announcement Systems are widely used and thus, we make sure that the Services are carried out properly and that too using innovative technology. It is a vital part of the Fire Alarm System, when the system is installed in big area like high-rise building, hotel, factories, computer center, laboratories etc.


Fire Hydrant System Installation

Our company name figures among the prominent Service Providers for providing Fire Hydrant System Installation Services in Maharashtra. We are backed by a team of professionals who hold expertise for installing fire hydrant systems in high-rise building for more than 24 meters. In addition, we test Fire Hydrant Systems on quality parameters, prior to installation. Clients can approach us for cost effective and timely solutions.


More about Fire Hydrant System Installation
This is very effective extinguishing system suitable for various plants and high-rise buildings as well as commercial complexes. Fire Hydrant System Installation and commissioning requires an above ground connection that provides access water supply for the purpose of fighting fires. The system mainly consists of water storage reservoir (underground or aboveground), pump set, piping ring around the building and terminals inside the building, hydrant valves, hose pipes, branch pipes with nozzles hose reel drums, and hose boxes Internal (DRY RISER, WET RISER, DOWN COMER, WET RISER CUM DOWN COMER and

External (STAND POST TYPE OR UNDERGROUND TYPE – SLUICE VALVE, WATER MONITOR) are the two types of fire hydrant system and we provide installation for both. We also install hydrant system with positive and negative section.

Though water has been the principle extinguishing agent foams, foam bladders, deluge valves etc are also being used. The pump house becomes the heart of hydrant system especially when it is designed after the complete hydraulic calculations taking in to account the flow, velocity, Head and pumping capacity with corresponding reservoir to extinguish the hazard and also provides abundant precaution.


Features :

  • Designing, Engineering, Drawing, Supply & Installations, Commissioning as per TAC/NFPA/LPA
  • AMC of complete system
  • Training for Fire Protection System

Advantages of Hydrant System :

  • Being fixed installation it is very easy for operation and maintenance.
  • For major fire this is most useful system to control and extinguish since the availability of water and pressure at the base of fire.
  • As the hydrant ring outside building is underground there is no hindrance for vehicles and do not affect due to fire.
  • The other systems such as water spray, sprinkler, foam system can be tapped from this system.
  • If the system is approved by TAC the reduction in the insurance premium is obtained.

Fire Protection System Installation

Based in Pune, we have a proven track record of rendering the qualitative Fire Protection System Installation Services at the prices, worth the value. Owing to our experienced and qualified team of engineers, we design and install the ideal Fire Protection System after assessing the needs of the client’s project. We ensure that each component is fixed precisely so it meets all the parameters and has a maximum effect during emergency. Also, we have round-the-clock technicians who address all the customer doubts and grievances in most efficient way.


Design :

  • Good design – the key to effective fire protection
  • Effective fire protection does not happen by chance. It takes intelligence and rigor to combine advanced components into an integrated system.
  • Agnisuraksha Engineers have a sound understanding of the fire protection industry and know the most effective way of detecting and containing fire.
  • The first step in designing a new fire protection system is to survey your facility and analyze building materials, work processes, equipment in use, materials handled and any special hazards. We determine the significance of each fire risk and design a specific solution to manage the risk. Our detailed hydraulic calculations and air flow analysis makes sure the system will perform when called upon.
  • We are confident in saying that as trained professionals, we are able to meet your needs to protect your building or facility effectively from fire.

Installation :

  • Agnisuraksha’s installation teams are skilled trade’s people with significant experience in fire protection equipment. Each person takes pride in their work, minimizing disruption to your operations while making sure that all components are installed according to specifications.
  • Our installers are thoroughly trained so that they understand the components being installed and the parameters that must be maintained for maximum effectiveness. Less experienced installers may make seemingly minor deviations from the design, not realizing the impact that may have on the final effectiveness of the system.
  • Outstanding project planning and organization is needed to make sure that installation works run smoothly. Our project managers have effectively installed fire systems in various challenging environments

Commissioning your fire protection system :

  • Agnisuraksha’s test and commission every completed Fire Protection/Detection System to confirm it complies with relevant Indian Standards, building regulations and Government legislation.
  • Ongoing care - After we installs the system, your project manager remains contactable to discuss any matter. Their expertise and knowledge of the job is not lost - and it is passed on to those servicing and maintaining your equipment as appropriate.
  • Keeping your system ready to respond - Fire protection systems require regular servicing to run at optimum performance and effectively combat fire.