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Agnisuraksha Engineers

Fire Protection System Installation

Fire Protection System Installation

Based in Pune, we have a proven track record of rendering the qualitative Fire Protection System Installation Services at the prices, worth the value. Owing to our experienced and qualified team of engineers, we design and install the ideal Fire Protection System after assessing the needs of the client’s project. We ensure that each component is fixed precisely so it meets all the parameters and has a maximum effect during emergency. Also, we have round-the-clock technicians who address all the customer doubts and grievances in most efficient way.


Design :

  • Good design – the key to effective fire protection
  • Effective fire protection does not happen by chance. It takes intelligence and rigor to combine advanced components into an integrated system.
  • Agnisuraksha Engineers have a sound understanding of the fire protection industry and know the most effective way of detecting and containing fire.
  • The first step in designing a new fire protection system is to survey your facility and analyze building materials, work processes, equipment in use, materials handled and any special hazards. We determine the significance of each fire risk and design a specific solution to manage the risk. Our detailed hydraulic calculations and air flow analysis makes sure the system will perform when called upon.
  • We are confident in saying that as trained professionals, we are able to meet your needs to protect your building or facility effectively from fire.

Installation :

  • Agnisuraksha’s installation teams are skilled trade’s people with significant experience in fire protection equipment. Each person takes pride in their work, minimizing disruption to your operations while making sure that all components are installed according to specifications.
  • Our installers are thoroughly trained so that they understand the components being installed and the parameters that must be maintained for maximum effectiveness. Less experienced installers may make seemingly minor deviations from the design, not realizing the impact that may have on the final effectiveness of the system.
  • Outstanding project planning and organization is needed to make sure that installation works run smoothly. Our project managers have effectively installed fire systems in various challenging environments

Commissioning your fire protection system :

  • Agnisuraksha’s test and commission every completed Fire Protection/Detection System to confirm it complies with relevant Indian Standards, building regulations and Government legislation.
  • Ongoing care - After we installs the system, your project manager remains contactable to discuss any matter. Their expertise and knowledge of the job is not lost - and it is passed on to those servicing and maintaining your equipment as appropriate.
  • Keeping your system ready to respond - Fire protection systems require regular servicing to run at optimum performance and effectively combat fire.

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