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Fire Hydrant System Installation

Fire Hydrant System Installation

Our company name figures among the prominent Service Providers for providing Fire Hydrant System Installation Services in Maharashtra. We are backed by a team of professionals who hold expertise for installing fire hydrant systems in high-rise building for more than 24 meters. In addition, we test Fire Hydrant Systems on quality parameters, prior to installation. Clients can approach us for cost effective and timely solutions.


More about Fire Hydrant System Installation
This is very effective extinguishing system suitable for various plants and high-rise buildings as well as commercial complexes. Fire Hydrant System Installation and commissioning requires an above ground connection that provides access water supply for the purpose of fighting fires. The system mainly consists of water storage reservoir (underground or aboveground), pump set, piping ring around the building and terminals inside the building, hydrant valves, hose pipes, branch pipes with nozzles hose reel drums, and hose boxes Internal (DRY RISER, WET RISER, DOWN COMER, WET RISER CUM DOWN COMER and

External (STAND POST TYPE OR UNDERGROUND TYPE – SLUICE VALVE, WATER MONITOR) are the two types of fire hydrant system and we provide installation for both. We also install hydrant system with positive and negative section.

Though water has been the principle extinguishing agent foams, foam bladders, deluge valves etc are also being used. The pump house becomes the heart of hydrant system especially when it is designed after the complete hydraulic calculations taking in to account the flow, velocity, Head and pumping capacity with corresponding reservoir to extinguish the hazard and also provides abundant precaution.


Features :

  • Designing, Engineering, Drawing, Supply & Installations, Commissioning as per TAC/NFPA/LPA
  • AMC of complete system
  • Training for Fire Protection System

Advantages of Hydrant System :

  • Being fixed installation it is very easy for operation and maintenance.
  • For major fire this is most useful system to control and extinguish since the availability of water and pressure at the base of fire.
  • As the hydrant ring outside building is underground there is no hindrance for vehicles and do not affect due to fire.
  • The other systems such as water spray, sprinkler, foam system can be tapped from this system.
  • If the system is approved by TAC the reduction in the insurance premium is obtained.

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