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Dry Chemical Type Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Type Fire Extinguishers are highly suitable for B and C class fires. B class fire includes burning liquid like oil, petrol, thinner, kerosene, etc., and C class fire comprises of burning gases such as butane, chloride, natural propane, vinyl chloride, natural gases and live electrical fire. Our Dry Chemical Type Fire Extinguishers are ISI marked, which testifies its quality and standards. Further, our Dry Chemical Type Fire Extinguishers are light-in-weight and easy-to-operate.


Features :

  • ISI Marked
  • Use of superior quality of base  materi
  • Made as per International Standards
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Operate


Technical Specifications :

  • Manufactured out of CRCA sheets in all welded construction
  • As per lS : 2171
  • Cap : Brass forged I gun metal
  • Hydraulic Testing to 30 kgfl cm2
  • Charged with Dry powder Sodium Bicarbonate IS :4308 ISI Mark & MONO ammonium Phosphate base IS : 14609 ISI mark Charged
  • Epoxy polyester powder coated
  • Maintenance as per IS : 2190


Body Material Mild Steel
Fire Class B,A,C
Operating Temperature -20 degree C to +55 degree C
Mounting Bracket Wall Bracket
Discharge Time (Second) 12-18
Fire Rating 3A, 34B